Thank you for visiting my website. I love to learn and share. The reason I become such a person is I’d ever read a book《Give and Take》.

Give and Take

Give and Take is a social study of human behavior.
According to different purposes people in the social do, the author divided people into three categories:

Categories Characters
Giver Giving than taking
Matcher A competitor, advocating reciprocity, obtain balance.
Taker Put their own interests first, depending on the request granted.

Research shows the most successful groups is the giver, however most fails are also the giver. The other types are both in the middle class.
This research designed to help people understand the pros and cons of giving, reveals how and why the most successful group is the giver.

Compare with others, the giver has four unique ways:

  • Social networks (development of new relationships, maintain old relationships)
  • Cooperation (collaborate with colleagues efficiently, and earn respect)
  • Evaluation (evaluation of others can bring us a counter-intuitive skill, get the best evaluation and capacity of relationship development)
  • Influence power(The strategy such as shows, sales, persuasion, and negotiation, to win the trust of others so they support our ideas and interests)

These strategies are the most important reason for the successful giver different from the failure giver.

Disadvantages of giver are also discussed in the book, as well as how to handle it. Giver how to protect self in case of easily defeated or becomes a stepping stone. For example, a teacher how to pay more rather than less to reduce working passion, the billionaire how to use money through given to make more money, and if you want to be happier, live longer, how long is the ideal time for volunteering.

In a nutshell, giver how to prevent yourself from falling into the pit of failure, climbed the top of the ladder of success.

I hope it could also give you a new view.